Why To Use Magento FAQ Modules

Build a solid and an informative Magento Knowledge base section on your website. This Dynamic FAQ and Product Questions section for Magento answers customer questions directly on product page. It also allows your customers to ask product questions on the product page. User generated content on your website, FAQ or customer testimonials/reviews, does not only produce useful and relevant content on your website but it also encourages users to help each other by discussion and answering to each others product inquiry. Magento AJAX FAQ and Product Questions extension is developed to fulfill these objectives. This innovative questions and answers module supports valuable features like comments, rating, like/unlike etc. This provides rich browsing experience to users and adds enough value to trigger conversions. Customer testimonials on the other hand are the most convincing factor for users. Magento Testimonials extension focus on obtaining positive user reviews. It does so by providing a simple and easy to fill testimonials form. http://www.magento-faqs.com/

Ratings & Comments

Customers can rate, comment, and like/unlike comments

Ask a Question Magento Form

Customers can post inquiries from product pages

Categorize FAQs in Topics

Segment customer questions into topics
FAQ Extensions
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